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I'm Mara, an editor by day and writer by night. Currently, I live in Arizona, where I grew up. Though I love to travel, there's really no place quite like the Southwest. The desert is not only my home; it's a muse that never ceases to inspire me.

Though my main creative focus over the past few years has been poetry, my relationship with writing has transformed many times. I've explored short story fiction, non-fiction, journalism. To put it as simply as my heart will allow, writing is how I put the pieces of my soul together; it's how I commune with the world around me.


Long story short: The journey continues. I’m in what you might call an awkward creative phase right now. I’m learning that I don’t have to choose just one avenue of expression. My writing evolves as I do.


If my work should inspire anything in you, I hope it is appreciation for the many muses that exist in our world. Find yours, then keep looking for more. 

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